According to Burt's online resume, he was in the management of Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in the company did the administration last year in the London subway when the six months of customer service assistant intern. He also served as a director of a cosmetics company, the company has now closed down.

camiseta seleccion alemana, Many of the neighbors were surprised by the assassination of Bot, saying he was friendly, often playing with children, organizing barbecues, like football.

But in recent months, some residents have expressed concern that children have begun to express their tendency to religious beliefs under the influence of Burt,  camiseta seleccion alemania 2018, and parents worry that children are "brainwashed".

And in last year's British Channel 4 broadcast a documentary "next to the jihad elements", the Bot on the mirror. The documentary tells the story of the extremists living in the UK, in which one of the shots and the other five are standing in a park in London, and the other man is kneeling in front of them, "Islam" (ISIS ) The banner. The following are the same as the "As early as 2015, a friend of Bot was reported to the authorities. The friend said that Bert had seen more and more radicals after seeing extremist videos on the Internet and defended the assailants when he discussed the terrorist attacks. A friend said he was very worried about the extreme thinking of Bot, then dial the hotline to report the Bolt.

Also in 2015,   equipacion alemania 2018a woman reports to the police about Bert, fearing that Burt is giving her children brainwashing and making children more aggressive.

There is also news that Bot is closely related to the leader of the extreme organization "Al-Muhajiroun" (Anjem Choudary). Joe community in the UK recruited more than 100 terrorist suspects, after being arrested by the police. He founded the "Muhammad Rooney" was also blacklisted by the British authorities.

According to media reports, although the authorities received a report after the investigation, but did not find any information that he is planning attacks, so reduce his surveillance efforts, turn to focus on other goals.